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when your hair makes putting on a seatbelt difficult…. #LongHairProblems …..or nearly impossible to see.



when you want to dye part of your hair… just a little, tiny splash of color…. and you put the dye on thinking “too high!!! oh, so too high! :/ too much hair!” but once you wash and dry it…. you realize, it truly wasnt even 3 inches high on the tips…. you should’ve gone higher, le sigh. #toomuchhair #dyeproblems #LONGHair #LongHairProblems

QUESTIONS. QUESTIONS. I am always asked soooo many questions! Here are some answers.

My hair measures, (from the top of my head to the longest strand) 45 inches. or in other words, 3 feet 9 inches.. or In other other words, stops middle of my thighs.

It is longer than most toddlers.

I could be a stand in for cousin It…, yes, you are correct.

I have NOT had my hair cut by a professional in 9 years.

12 years ago I chopped all my hair off (I mean chopped! middle of my cheeks).

I sit on it, constantly, if its ‘down’. and I quote down, because it makes an absolute wonderful Scarf!

I have used it as a Blanket also.

Other people have sat on it, trapped it behind their arms, etc.

Washing it, the weight of it all wet, is HEAVY, hard to hold head up heavy.

No special shampoos or conditioners. I actually switch brands alot.

I wash it, weekly.

If I bend down, I loose sight of whatever it is I am bending to pickup… even children. My hair can make kids vanish instantly.

I can not wear it for more than a few hours in a Bun, causes headaches. (looks like a normal long hair length while in a bun, and it is a great ‘party trick’ to unravel it to the questioneers surprise).

When I am flinging it around in circles to make the Bun happen, I have unknowingly hit people with it. I have learned to stand away from people. Or purposely stand closer to whip them with it.

I have gotten it stuck, in car doors, house doors, knobs. (coming to a dead stop with your hair caught in something, around something, ouch).

It takes about 10-20 minutes just to brush it all out.

I have gone on strike from brushing it, for almost a month before. It starts to ‘dread’ itself. and has taken an hour once, just to brush out.

It would take two boxes of dye to cover all my hair. I’ve only dyed a part for the last few years.

I cut it myself… well, trim. No ‘haircuts’ for me!!! I cut the split ends off.

When in one Braid, it shortens the length of my hair by about 6 inches.

It makes an excellent whip when braided.

Thankfully, I dont own a convertible. I don’t know what I would do with it all if I did… the windows open is hard enough while in a vehicle.

What am I forgetting? Im not sure… Have a question I didnt cover? Ask it below!