When your hair is taller than a 2 year old. 


When you walk in to get your hair #trimmed at a salon, and the ladies point their fingers back and forth, and silently the conversation is …. “You take her” ….  “No, No, YOU brush her hair and cut.” …. “Let’s make Wanda do it.” ….. #UGH !!! 
P.S. I have NOT had my hair cut by a “professional” in 8 years. Last time this exact “point off” happened, and the woman cut my hair 3 inches crooked from one side to the other. I had to have a non experienced friend straighten it out for me.  

When you #TWIRL your hair………. and sometimes, you end up with knots….

Yes.  I’ve had to cut knots out of my hair before. 

This one, I actually worked out.  Yes.  It’s like, trying to unravel a tangled necklace.  UGH!!!