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Everytime you sit down… You sit on your hair. #AlmostToKnees #WhenIsItTooLong #SitDownStandupPullHairSitDown


Its winter. The hair can be used as a Scarf. Hair becomes tangled from jackets and hoods and yeah. Key in slight laziness. It takes soooĆ²ooo long to brush all the stupid knots out. So, you ignore it for a few days.. and of course, it gets worse. Starts to turn into dreads, definitely looks like I’m trying to go for that look. 20 minutes combing through it… Arms turn to jelly. brush. stroke. brush. rest. repeat. ugh! but its so pretty. and the scarf, oh, how I love the built in scarf feature. But brushing it, is a #LongHairProblem

when you lay down for sleep, but you forgot to untie your hair from around your neck… and the only thought you can think is your kids find you in the morning, dead, by accidently strangling yourself in your sleep…….. #LongHairProblems