Hello! Do you have #LongHairProblems ?!?  Checkout the Blog, for pictures of odd situations, and funny rants about the predicaments long hair gets you into.

My hair measures, (from the top of my head to the longest strand) 45 inches.  It is longer than most toddlers. I could be a stand in for cousin It.  I havent had my hair cut by a professional in 8 years. 12 years ago I chopped all my hair off (I mean chopped! middle of my cheeks) it has grown 45 inches in 12 years. I sit on it, constantly, if its ‘down’.  and I quote down, because it makes an absolute wonderful Scarf! Washing it, the weight of it all wet is HEAVY, hard to hold head up heavy.  If I bend down, I loose sight of whatever it is I am bending to pickup… even children. I can not wear it for more than a few hours in a Bun, causes headaches. (looks like a normal long hair length while in bun, it is a great ‘party trick’ to unravel it to the questioneers surprise).

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